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Overview of the strech of water - Loferbach - Moosbach - Saalach


the Loferbach:

The Loferbach is a very clear mountain stream. It has his origins in St. Ulrich and flows through the Pillersee. Because of that is the Loferbach very clear and you have to oportunity to fish the whole year. Our part of the mountain stream has a length of 4 kilometer and is 10-15 meter wide. Referring to the speed of the Loferbach it is a very fast river, but it has also a dam area and some beautiful and calm parts. 

the Saalach:

The Saalch is a mountain stream of medium height and has its origin in Saalbach/Hinterglemm. Our part has a length about 13 kilometer and is 15-25 meter wide. Referring to the speed of the river is the ravine area very fast but also very romantic. The whole area ist fastflowing with sandbanks and a lot of little currents.

the Moosbach:

The Moosbach is a calm strech of water with its origin in Sankt Martin and flows through the beautiful meadows of the Loferer Talbecken to Lofer, where it flows into the Saalach.It has a length of 3 kilometer and is about 4-5 meter wide.


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